For this aspect of your PTLLS Level 3 assignment, you need to consider:


Describing what points of referral are available to meet the needs of learners:

-       What points of referral are available inside the teaching environment?

-       What points of referral are available outside of the teaching environment?

-       What is the role and purpose of these points of referral?

-       How can they support your learners, and what learner needs will they meet?


Summarising your responsibilities in relation to other professionals:

-       What is your responsibility in relation to working with other teaching professionals?

-       How does this benefit the learner and learning environment?

-       Why is it important to have clear communication between other teaching professionals?


Explaining the boundaries between your teaching role and other professionals:

-       When do you decide that you need to use other professionals to support your learners?

-       What barriers could appear between you and other teaching professionals to prevent you supporting learners effectively?


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